Minor update 15-Apr-17

Welcome to my Web Site; it has now been completely revamped. The object has been to present material that interests me and to upgrade the quality of the photos etc.

There are plenty of Domestic Duck photos followed by other items of interest such as Cross Bows, 3D photos plus my parrot and cockatiel.

In October 2014; I was obliged to move this site to its current location (Previous location www.awhite.fsbusiness.co.uk). Although I no longer have the restrictions of the old location it now means this site is hard to find because Google and the others don't know the site has moved.

I have tried to compress all files as much as possible without compromising quality too much. I could improve the quality but pages would take time to load. For this update I have revised the way Photos are downloaded and presented in order to make the main pages load in about half the original time. Although no problem even for those on a slow Broadband (1Mbps) connection, I recommend those using a modem or mobile device with a data cap do not load the following pages; ‘Duck Show’, ‘My Ducks’, ‘Bow Pistol’, ‘.45 Cal Bow Pistol’.

I have removed most of the ‘Frills’ in order to make the site work on a 10” Tablet Computer screen without to much zooming or scrolling (phones will have the usual difficulty). The site will look better on an iPad due to the 4:3 aspect ratio of the photos. Most of the photos will zoom  to a reasonable degree even with the heavy compression I have used.

The site has been tested with Internet Explorer 9 to 11, iPad 1, ‘Retina’ iPad plus ASUS and Samsung tablets with Android 4.0 (ICS) and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Explorer and the iPads work very well, however it seems modern navigation buttons still do not work well on Android, not even version 6.0 for this site: and others I have tested.

Using the standard Android browser the workaround is to hold down the Navigation Button until the Android drop down list appears, then hit somewhere on the screen to remove the drop down list leaving the Navigation Button visible and available for use.

Another Android ‘Quirk’ is that sound files are not played, they are downloaded to the drive to be played later. Update, Version 6.0 does not have this problem.

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