Minor update 15-Feb-2018

3D photos

This page is an attempt at experimental 3D photographs (Anaglyphs). The pictures must be viewed with glasses of the type that have a Red filter for the left eye and a Blue filter for the right.

I made a flat top out of wood that fitted on top of a tripod so that I could slide the camera left and right by about 6”. I used my 3Mp stills camera to take the pictures (laughably out of date by 2018 standards)

The Anaglyphs were produced in Corel Photo-Paint long before 3D became integrated into many current photo editors and before modern technology made taking 3D photos possible.

I have found it difficult to get the 3D effect while wearing prescription glasses. I find focusing into the screen helps to achieve the 3D effect.

Accurate colour representation is lost in all pictures due to effects from the colour filters in the glasses.

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