Minor update 12-Nov-14

Cross Bow Videos; For reasonable quality videos, have a look at these I have uploaded to Youtube.

The direct links for my nine videos are listed as follows.

Automatic Electric Cross Bow  http://youtu.be/QS4RKoRyTik

Automatic Electric Cross Bow http://youtu.be/6dnURq-b6rE (Revised Hi Def version)

Self Cocking Electric Cross Bow http://youtu.be/BSjCY2kGyfi

Self Cocking Electric Cross Bow http://youtu.be/07TF-DL72HE (Revised Hi Def version)

Chinese Cross Bow  http://youtu.be/Uo13R_fSvnI

.45 Calibre Ball Bow  http://youtu.be/AzZbs4RevN0

Bow Pistol Details & Shooting http://youtu.be/XDAisqtQ-0c

Bow Pistol Shooting  http://youtu.be/ooEDJ014XFs

Should the above direct links not work because Youtube have changed something; log onto  www.Youtube.com  and insert  “Theduckman666” into the search box (without the quotes). Youtube will present the eight videos for selection.The link to the “Self Cocking Electric Cross Bow” is proving difficult at the moment even though Google's Search engine and Youtube present the video when provided with the link shown above.

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