Minor update 15-Feb-2018

Cross Bow Videos; For reasonable quality videos, have a look at these I have uploaded to You tube.

The direct links for my eight videos are listed on ‘Youtube’ are as follows.

Automatic Electric Cross Bow  http://youtu.be/QS4RKoRyTik

Automatic Electric Cross Bow http://youtu.be/6dnURq-b6rE (Revised Hi Def 720p version)

Self Cocking Electric Cross Bow http://youtu.be/BSjCY2kGyfI

Self Cocking Electric Cross Bow http://youtu.be/07TF-DL72HE (Revised Hi Def 720p version)

Chinese Cross Bow  http://youtu.be/Uo13R_fSvnI

.45 Calibre Ball Bow  http://youtu.be/AzZbs4RevN0

Bow Pistol Details & Shooting http://youtu.be/XDAisqtQ-0c

Bow Pistol Shooting  http://youtu.be/ooEDJ014XFs

Should the above direct links not work because ‘Youtube’ have changed something; log onto www.Youtube.com  and insert  “Theduckman666” into the search box (without the quotes). ‘Youtube’ will present the eight videos for selection.

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