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Misc Bows

These are two bows whereby the bow (Prod) is drawn using two implementations of the Toggle principal. Both of these were made around 40 years ago .

Break Bow

This bow breaks at the approximate mid point of the stock. A catch normally locks the two halves together. Opening the catch allows the two halves to rotate about a pivot just behind the trigger. An aluminium claw on each side of the stock pulls the string back to the nut until the mechanism is cocked. The draw weight is 60 lbs with a draw length of 8”. The force to “break” the stock is about 30 lbs.

This was designed to be a target type of bow where drawing and loading ease and overall bow weight were secondary to accuracy.

The bow is attached to the stock such that it rotates about a pivot in front of the bow assembly. This minimises friction between the string and stock due to the different angle the string makes between its bracing height position and full draw position.

Because there is no toggle over the top of the bow, the sight can be any 1” diameter single point or telescopic sight that is not to long. The sight retention assembly shows the old clips that used to hold the sight. The assembly tilts to allow the greater elevation changes a bow needs when compared to a gun. To help with the greater eye height induced by longer-range elevation changes, there is an adjustable cheek support built into the stock.

Toggle Bow

This bow has an integrated toggle mechanism operating on top of the stock. The draw weight is 50 lbs with a draw length of 6.5”. The pull on the toggle handle is about 30 lbs.

This was designed to be a small and quick to use field bow.

The bow is centre shot to minimise friction between string and stock. The sights are simple open sights, which surprisingly, work well. Accuracy is good, allowing good groups on an 18” boss from 50 yd.

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