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My Birds (Parrot & Cockatiel)

Hear are some pictures of my birds.

My first bird is a Patagonian Conure called Chewey.

Chewey, because he will shred wood, paper, furniture, leather, indeed the whole house.

I obtained him when he was 6 months old. He is 14 years old now and getting grumpy.

He started plucking feathers during a full moult in 2011. Even though he is out of the cage for a good period of the day he still does it even when I am playing with him. There seems to be no cure.

My other bird is a small Cockatiel I call Nutter. He is only white and grey, no red cheeks or yellow.

He has a duff leg and has lost a toe on the other foot. He has learnt to climb about almost as well as a normal bird. When I took him on he couldn't fly properly and had difficulty landing; he could only crash. Now he loves to fly for the sheer pleasure of it and can now land on anything. Even cacti!

He also had a respiratory problem whereby a small flight left him gasping for air. I managed to fix this by nebulising him over a period of six weeks. This, plus regular flying has largely solved the problem.

He is a happy friendly bird who sings well.

I now have a third bird: another Cockatiel. He was found in a sorry state near where I lived. He could not fly much and only in straight lines. It took many months with him in a harness before he could fly on his own without harming himself. He is a good flyer now but will never be like a normal bird.

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I try to support a few much needed bird welfare charities registered in the U.K.

Birdline UK Ltd at http://www.birdline.org.uk

Newlife Parrot Rescue at  http://www.nlpr.org.uk

Safehaven Parrot Rescue at http://www.safehavenparrotrefuge.co.uk

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